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You face new challenges every day, we give you the platform and the support to overcome them with member management, automated payments & renewals and robust reporting.

Plan Forward provides you with everything you need to design and manage your membership plans.

Here’s how we are different:

1. Our clients enroll, on average, more members than other membership plan companies.

2. Our thorough, in-person pricing call focuses on pricing your plans profitably.

3. Our easy-to-use software is so simple that patient enrollment and management of your plans takes minutes.

Considering dropping your worst-performing PPO?

Dental insurance is not a great option for providers or for patients. We have a guide to dropping your worst PPOs and setting up your membership plan as a better option for patients.

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Make Decisions On Membership With Data & Analytics

Plan Forward Essential: still the best way to enroll your patients and automate payments & renewals. Now with analytics.

Plan Forward Advanced: with PMS Integration, track plan usage & KPIs like treatment acceptance & show rate by member.

Easily create and price your membership plans

Increased revenue for your practice or group through shared savings and predictable cash flow with stable payments.

Ease the burden of administering your plans

More time to focus on patients by saying goodbye to calling patients to renew, and sidesheeting to track plan usage.

Integration to 20 PMS platforms

360° visibility into your membership patients to make informed decisions based on world class analytics.

Identify Revenue Opportunities already in your PMS

Identify patients who are candidates for your membership plan, and allow the technology to do the marketing for you. Convert your uninsured and activate dormant patients.

Who We Built Plan Forward For


Office Managers


The Uninsured

Front Office Teams

Multi-Location practices

Dental Assistants

Practice Administrators


Financial Coordinators

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How O2 Smiles quickly scaled to $145,156 ARR with Plan Forward

Challenge: Retain new patients and improve recare

O2 partnered with Plan Forward to boost retention with their 6 office locations in North Carolina. They were above the industry average for new patients, but these patients never returned for further care. It was a leaking bucket and creating stress for their team to constantly earn new patients.

We helped them keep their new patients and build practice loyalty.

Solution: 420 new members in one year, >$145,000 in annual recurring revenue!

Maximize Your Potential – Without Extra Work

Our team is here to help you maximize your dental practice potential with industry-leading support, expert coaching, automated payments, analytics and KPIs – and did we mention – Integration! Your PMS runs the day to day practice operations and now your membership plan integrates too.

Custom In-house Plan

Every practice is unique and we understand that. We don’t force you into a cookie-cutter plan, we help you build your own – then provide the tools to make it easy. 

Roadmap & Strategy

We partner you with a  dedicated support specialist to help you create a strategy for your fees, your enrollment, and a growth roadmap. Your success is our success. 

Easy Enrollment

With Plan Forward’s marketing stack – we’ll help you add the enrollment form to your website, or build a landing page for you. Fast & Easy! 

Forward Thinking Analytics

Which services where used and when; how much treatment was accepted? With Plan Forward Advanced, you’ll have answers and data to drive growth decisions. 

Award Worth Support

Did we mention all the free marketing support that’s included to help you spread the word? Social posts, brochures, flyers, a landing page, and email campaigns – we are invested in your growth. 

Automation & Integration

Automation of all patient notifications and renewals via text and/or email. Payments are posted automatically making accounting and tracking revenue a breeze. 

Plan Forward Advanced PMS Integrates With:

Dentrix G4, 5, 6, 7

Dentrix Enterprise

Open Dental 


Dentrix Ascend


Curve Dental 




Power Practice


A complete suite to power your dental practice membership plan. Get back to spending time doing what you love – helping patients smile! 

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Practices Served

Average Experience Rating

Recurring Revenue Generated

After using another’s solution for two years, Dr. Julovich with Trinity Dental was disappointed with the customer service he was receiving and the lack of ROI.

“From the moment I sat down with Plan Forward, I knew this was where I needed to be. “

Dr. Julovich is now able to offer an option to his patients that not only is valuable for them, but positively impacts his business.”

Dr. Julovich, Trinity Dental 

When I started at Dr. John’s practice, they were managing the in-house membership plan by hand in an excel spreadsheet. It was cumbersome and time consuming and we knew we weren’t maximizing what a dental membership plan could really do for a practice. We made the decision to partner with Plan Forward and use their software platform and expertise to move our membership to the next level. Now we are growing the plan and the practice faster than we ever could have imagined.

Ashley Lozada, RDH, John Fornetti Dental Center

Our membership plan will drive business results for your practice.

  • 2x revenue when an uninsured patient becomes a member.
  • Attract new uninsured patients by offering them a way to access care.
  • Retain patients and build a loyal base of patients who visit regularly.
  • Set your own fees and drive recurring revenue from day one. 
  • Options to build your custom membership plans, suited to your base of patients. 
  • Choose whether to offer monthly/annual payment schedules.
  • Provide a great patient experience.

We have a proven formula that works.


  1. Create a new plan or keep your existing plan.
  2. Set pricing terms with the help of our experts.
  3. Offer a comfortable patient experience with custom, white-labelled marketing materials.


  1. Train your team to advocate for the plan.
  2. Equip the practice with a custom marketing kit
  3. Assist the admin team with PMS setup and software training
  4. Launch the Plan


  1. Enroll members
  2. Use the enrollment link on your website, and place the brochues in your office.
  3. Leverage continuing education and social media resources.
  4. Use our dedicated client success manager for strategy or questions. 

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