DDS Discussions: December 2020

By Jason Flannagan, DDS December 8, 2020 2 min read

This year has been a real struggle to navigate. I feel like I am a punching bag with “in coming punches” each and every day. Whether it is COVID protocols, to keeping staff healthy, keeping patients safe, applying for PPP loans, re-engaging with patients or any of the other myriad of issues facing dental offices in 2020, it has been a challenge.

Beginning in March and lasting through April more than 600 re-care appointments were canceled. At First Impressions Family Dental Care we took pride in making sure that those patients were given a chance to be back on the schedule by the end of October. In doing this we were able to keep our schedule full and have yet to see the “dip” some other offices have.

We also used our membership to get our loyal customers to re-engage. We offered a day dedicated to them. It made them feel special and they could get their preventative care completed. In addition, we offered a free cleaning when they did come for the first time after the shutdown. We normally charge $50 for a routine prophy but this first time back we waived that.

Memberships have always been a part of our office.

This year they were more crucial to our survival than I could have ever imagined. They began by trying to help a local landscaper provide a benefit to his crew. Now they have created a recurring revenue stream of over $60,000 a year for my practice.

Moving forward, dentistry may change more that we ever could guess. I can assure you that when I went to dental school, I never imagined we would be non-essential. I wake up each morning looking to fight another day. And I consistently look for ways to better my practice, my patients and myself. Good luck out there my fellow dentists.

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