DDS Discussions: Working Through the New Normal

By Jason Flannagan, DDS May 7, 2021 < 1 min read

A new year, a new adventure. We continue to work our way through this new “normal.” Dentistry has changed but not as much as I expected. Staffing seems to be the biggest hurdle right now, and I have been blessed to avoid those issues. We have chosen to spread out our patients’ appointments by having restorative days and hygiene days. This continues to be a fantastic move for the business. We are more efficient than I ever imagined even while continuing to wear our increased PPE.

We have adjusted nicely and life is starting to feel normal again.

Patients are demanding our services, our schedule has never been more full. Unfortunately, we are seeing many more broken teeth, large areas of decay and periodontal issues due to the delay in treatment over the past year.

We are working hard to get these issues under control for out patients but it’s clear the toll the pandemic has taken on their teeth. The bright side is that, with the stimulus payments, the sales of orthodontics and cosmetic procedures are at an all-time high. It certainly feels like oral care is a high priority for many.

Dentistry is going strong. Demand is there! Help is coming back slowly and the future looks bright. We continue to promote our dental memberships and shift our practice away from participating in insurance programs. When the demand is strong and the schedule is full, the decision to move away from the participation agreements is much easier. Our membership is growing, and we are filling our seats with members more and more every day.

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