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Sample This Membership Plan

See how a dental membership plan really works. This webinar on demand walks you through the considerations and setup for a REAL dental membership plan.

What can a membership plan do for your practice?

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How to Grow Your Membership Plan with Digital Advertising

Combining a membership plan with digital advertising will grow your plan and practice with new leads that will convert to retainable patients.

Plan Forward and Legwork have aligned to provide you with new and innovative solution.

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More Than A Recurring Payment System

Why is membership software necessary?

Co-founder and CEO Megan Lohman talks about plan creation, onboarding, training and backend accounting, as well as ongoing plan management and support.

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Pricing Profitable Plans

Every great membership program has one thing in common, it’s profitable. We take great care to set you up for success from the start.

Remember, if your plan isn’t making you money then it’s not doing it’s job.

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