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Membership plans provide a direct relationship between you and your patient.

Provide them the care they need, without 3rd party decision makers getting in the way.

Members are loyal to the practice and accept more treatment.

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Why do patients become members?

They get better access to care that they can afford and understand. Membership patients keep their appts and accept more treatment.

How will your practice benefit?

Recurring revenue from membership fees increase your cash flow. Unfavorable PPOs can be eliminated

Why choose Plan Forward?

Our experience and easy-to-use software… but don’t take our word for it! Watch this dentist and his office manager explain why.

Your exceptional care at an easy-to-understand price.

Campano Family Dentistry

Campano Family Dentistry

We had been wanting to implement an assurance plan for our patients but didn’t know if we would be able to maintain the admin part of it. Plan Forward came through. We don’t have to worry about anything. They take care of it all for us. It is one of our best decisions yet!

🥇 They stopped hesitating and now achieve ideal patient care.

Sunshine Dentists

Plan Forward was highly recommended to me. Plan Forward makes setting up a dental membership plan so darn easy. Our plan was custom tailored to the fees that we charge and for the patients we are trying to target, specifically new retirees that need a reason to stay with our practice once they lose their dental benefits.

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Sunshine Dentists
Melissa A. Jarrell DDS

Melissa A. Jarrell, DDS and Associates

Our patients love that we are able to offer a monthly and yearly membership option! Plan Forward is easy to use. Plan Forward provides all marketing material and works with you to customize it for your office needs. The platform helps our office to manage our patients memberships, including monthly billing options. Overall very happy with Plan Forward.

💸 This dentist doesn’t let money act as a barrier to care for her patients.

Created and battle-tested in an Indiana dental practice.

Increase revenue, treatment plans and acceptance 📺 Find out how, now.

You know we kind of expected them to be good recall hygiene patients, and they were. But what we didn’t expect was how much easier treatment planning would be. And how much more treatment acceptance we would have simply because we removed that barrier of ‘does my insurance cover this?’

Megan Lohman, Founder & CEO of Plan Forward

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