Do you have your patients at “Hello!”? Katherine is the expert when it comes to communication and we’ve crafted our Best Practices Guide and Email Templates to help you step into your leadership and get proactive about your membership plan. Many patients don’t understand insurance or the benefits of a plan – but we can help you enlighten them. 

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Special Offer for Katherine’s Audience

Complete a demo before the end of October and we’ll take 50% off your enrollment fees and receive a Personalized Marketing Bundle for FREE when you launch your membership plan by January 1, 2023 

Bundle includes:

  •  Up to 5 text messages sent to patients about your new membership plan
  •  Customized email campaign of up to 5 emails sent to your patients educating them on membership plans, and your offering
  • Fully white-labeled landing page for new member enrollment
  • Branded post-cards created, printed and shipped to your patients (Max 500)
  • Branded animated video “What is a dental membership plan” for your patients
  • 60-day FREE trial of Connect90 social media platform
  • Up to 5 branded social media graphics

Total Package Value $2,250

Ready to Talk About Your Membership Plan?

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Our membership plan will drive business results for your practice.

  • 2x revenue when an uninsured patient becomes a member.
  • Attract new uninsured patients by offering them a way to access care.
  • Retain patients and build a loyal base of patients who visit regularly.
  • Set your own fees and drive recurring revenue from day one. 
  • Options to build your custom membership plans, suited to your base of patients. 
  • Choose whether to offer monthly/annual payment schedules.
  • Provide a great patient experience.

Everyone screams their software and tools are different. Plan Forward's software is pretty cool, but that's not our secret sauce.

Here’s what makes us different:

1. You own your merchant account and you own your membership plan branding. It’s 100% your plan.

2. We crunch the numbers for you based on YOUR data. We’ll build a plan customized to your practice and your patients. Hello , done for you! 

3. We provide all the marketing you’ll need. Social media images, flyers, one pagers, email marketing blasts, and we’ll even build you a landing page microsite. Growth boost, unlocked!

4. Our team becomes an extension of your practice to strategize growth and provide support on your plan. We’ve invested in your succecss! 

5. Our easy-to-use software is so simple that patient enrollment and management of your plans takes minutes. Less work, less time! 

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We’ve created an e-book and a worksheet to help you calculate the magic numbers to drop your poor-performing PPOs.

With our worksheet tool and the e-book, it's much easier to evaluate than you expect!

Plus, we invite you to join us and leading dental trainer, Laura Nelson from Front Office Rocks for a FREE 1-hour training on February 18th at 1pm EST. We’re covering how to get out of network and offer your patients more choices to accept the care they need.

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