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Unscripted Phone Skills

Tired of price shopper phone calls in your dental practice? Or is your team struggling to handle difficult conversations around money and treatment? Throw out those old, tired scripts! In this fast-paced presentation, Katherine Eitel Belt, Dentistry’s Unscripted Communication Expert, shares four simple yet innovative steps to polish your telephone skills and improve your results. Discover how to create consistency of message without using old tired scripts and increase productivity tomorrow with incoming new patient calls, including price shoppers and insurance callers. With conversion rates hovering around 35% and 40% of calls going unanswered in the average dental office, the lost revenue and opportunities are staggering. Whether you are a referral-based practice or market externally, this course will dramatically improve your success in converting more calls to appointments, increasing your marketing ROI, and cementing your reputation as a practice with extraordinary patient service. Short on time and want our notes, key takeaways, and a few templates from Katherine? Enter your email below to unlock these resources. 

Hiring & Onboarding Rockstars

So you have hired your new team member, now what? Dental Office Managers and doctors need to understand that investing in employee onboarding up front will save the practice time, resources and money in the long run. Join Plan Forward Co-CEO, Megan Lohman, and expert Laura Nelson, founder of Front Office Rocks as they discuss the best practices and steps to not only hiring rockstar team members but also the necessary steps to make sure they are onboarded successfully.

KPI Metrics Workshop

Is your practice winning, losing, or are you not keeping score? Dental practices can thrive by understanding key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs act as essential diagnostics of a practice’s health, revealing vital information about growth, effectiveness, and opportunities for improvement.  During the conversation, Kelly Schwartz emphasized the importance of KPIs in dental practices and where to find them. 

Documentation & Sterilization Workshop

Documentation & Sterilization are some of the most important things we do every day in the practice, yet so often they are the most overlooked. Join Plan Forward Co-CEO, Megan Lohman, and expert Tija Hunter, as they discuss why it’s important to do it right!

Dentrix & Membership Plans

Recognized as dentistry’s leading Dentrix expert by clients, meeting planners and peers, Dayna Johnson is the ‘go to’ resource for strategies and procedures that help dental practices meet their business goals while being more efficient. Watch Dayna Johnson’s workshop replay to learn the best practices on how to integrate a membership plan in Dentrix. 

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Profit First Part 2

Join Plan Forward Co-CEO, Megan Loman and Barb Stackhouse as she joins us again to teach the 2nd Webinar in our Profit First series. If you are curious about reducing your debt and expanding your profit at the same time, join us for this webinar. Barb will share with us how to build up those reserves, establish profit every month, and begin to pay down debt faster. Invite your dental colleagues to join in as well.

Profit First Part 1

Did you miss Plan Forward Co-CEO, Megan Loman and author Barb Stackhouse RDH, M.Ed as she shares the 4 Proven Core Principles to implement in your dental practice business for improved profits. Learn how to grow your practice with true profitability where you enjoy the reward for your risk as a business owner. 

“Move your Patients to YES!”

Insurance guru Teresa Duncan  shares her expertise on having those difficult insurance conversations with patients. Teresa discusses how to effectively communicate with your patients about their treatment needs, suggest verbal skills to help you overcome the most common patient objections and discuss why solid financial arrangements are essential to case acceptance. 
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Plan Forward  AI, EFTs, and Software – Oh My!

Insurance is a beast and we all know it.  Technology is changing the way we work with insurance companies.  To keep your practice workflow optimized, get comfortable with the new technology and reach out for help when you need it.  Don’t know where to go? Let us know how we can help point you in the right direction!  Colleen truly is the insurance guru and she has graciously offered to answer your questions, so reach out!

Plan Forward to Get Out of Network

Front Office Rocks Founder, Laura Nelson, came and delivered! She covered the importance of having your Membership Plan running smoothly and best practices to getting out of Network. Watch the replay and get your copy of Laura’s Whitepaper on the Steps to Getting out of Network using the form below. 

Eaglesoft & Membership Plans 

We invited Eaglesoft Expert, Andre Shirdan to share his best practices with our members. Not only did he bring his best tips and tricks, but he showed how to utilize Eaglesoft with your Membership Plan.

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