“We love having an option for our patients that’s so easy to use.

Rebecca, Office Manager

Provide easier access to patient care, without hidden fees or surprise costs.

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  1. We create a plan using your fee structure.
  2. You approve custom marketing items.
  3. We train your team.

Schedule a demo with someone who’s been in your shoes – created by a financial coordinator and dentist.

Rebecca and her patients love their plan.

Help your patients and your team. Let’s Plan Forward.

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We’ve created an e-book and a worksheet to help you calculate the magic numbers to drop your poor-performing PPOs.

With our worksheet tool and the e-book, it's much easier to evaluate than you expect!

Plus, we invite you to join us and leading dental trainer, Laura Nelson from Front Office Rocks for a FREE 1-hour training on February 18th at 1pm EST. We’re covering how to get out of network and offer your patients more choices to accept the care they need.

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