Our Manifesto

We make independence possible.


We believe that dentists know best. And running an office should be easier than it is. That’s why we’re partnering with dentists and your teams to create dental membership software that frees you to practice the way you want.


From billing insurance to patient retention, there’s enough standing in your way, so we work harder so you can work smarter, enhancing your way rather than imposing ours.


Like you, we’re in the smile business. We love being the engine that makes great practices even better.


Together we can shape the future of dentistry and improve patient satisfaction at every clinic across America.


Let’s Plan Forward.

You’ll make your money back after signing up ONE MEMBER.

The average revenue from a single membership patient covers the cost of an annual subscription to Plan Forward.

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Plan Forward creates and powers your dental membership plan so you can increase treatment acceptance, grow recurring revenue, and build patient loyalty.





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