Champion Your Patients Health and Watch Their Loyalty Grow.

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Give Your Patients What They Want and They Will Be Loyal To You Forever.

Most practices gauge their performance and success by the number of new patients they treat. But returning patients are more valuable and grow the practice at a much higher rate. There’s no secret formula, just a straight forward approach; save them money, remove cost confusion and give them the care and treatment they need.

What would passive, reliable, recurring revenue do for your business?


Offer them dental care at a fair price.

All patients want quality dental care that’s affordable, for them it’s that simple. We know regularly scheduled appointments catch existing problems and avoid future ones. But do your patients truly understand that?


Protect The Patient-Dentist Relationship.

Medical bills are confusing, especially when you add in third party decision makers like insurance companies. Limitations in coverage frustrate the patient and often times, this frustration is taken out on the dental team. A dental membership plan is often more cost effective for the patient.


Give them the care and treatment they deserve.

Patients want to stay with the dentist they know and trust. Recognizing your patient’s concerns beyond the operatory chair will be the difference between a one-time patient and a life-long patient