Plan Forward Announces Strategic Partnership with Choice Payment Solutions

By Priscilla Derr January 11, 2022 3 min read

Indianapolis, IN (January 10, 2022) – Plan Forward, the dental membership solution that partners with practices to create, implement, grow, and maintain membership plans, announces its partnership with Choice Payment Services (Choice) to expand the access to care for patients and offer our practices easy access to the Choice platform right from the Plan Forward dashboard.

For Plan Forward, the Choice patient financing option addresses the needs of uninsured patients who need treatment but are not able to cover the cost of it. The current market for patient financing has a handful of well-known companies that typically approve the same patient demographic – the top 50% that apply. What happens to the other 50%? The average American cannot cover an unexpected expense over $400 and yet they may be in pain and need the treatment.

Many offices don’t have options for those patients in that “other 50% category” so many times the patient doesn’t get the treatment they need, and the practice loses revenue.

“By working with Choice, Plan Forward is bringing tremendous value to our clients by unlocking the opportunity to afford all patients access to care without the legal scrutiny of becoming the bank.  The most important part is that each provider can decide for themselves, with Choice guiding the way, their credit scorecard and the credit profiles they are willing to take.. Some are more conservative, while others want 100% approval.  Each provider is different, and this gives them options, “ said Plan Forward Founder and co-CEO Megan Lohman.

Choice Payment Services is a Consumer Lending and Technology Company, with extensive experience within Patient Finance. They provide instant financing solutions for almost all patients and stability for their clients via their intuitive SaaS lending platform. Choice’s  lending platform makes the process simple for both the practice and the patients, and also integrates with the PF membership portal.

“As we continue to build a SaaS company that fully supports our practice clients being able to offer access to care, Choice  was a natural fit to further drive value for our clients.” said Plan Forward co-CEO Jane Levy

Simply, Choice helps up to 100% of patients get financing for the treatment they want and need in real time.

Their universal application and algorithm matches patients with the right lending product based on their credit profile instantly with a soft credit check. Choice’s unique algorithm matching process avoids the traditional waterfall process that sends patient credit applications to multiple lenders.

“We’re thrilled to work with Plan Forward and help them offer better access to care for patients,” said Nancy Coy, CEO & Founder, Choice Payment Services. “As a company with a strong emphasis on collaborating & uniting to offer stable patient finance solutions, Choice  is always looking for ways to better serve the changing needs of our providers  and their patients.”

Stop letting patients walk out the door because they can’t afford the cost of treatment. Consider a better option to finance differently and welcome Choice to tailor solutions for patients through an innovative partnership providing instant financing solutions.

Together we can shape the future of dentistry, create exceptional customer experiences, and improve patient satisfaction at every practice across America. Plan Forward believes that dentists know best and running a practice should be easier. We dedicate ourselves to free you to practice dentistry the way you want and the way your patients deserve to be treated.

About Choice Payment Service

Choice empowers our clients to offer their patients up to 100% approval while instantly offering friendly and affordable loans exactly when needed. Choice provides comprehensive financing solutions through our intuitive lending platform and collaborates with our clients to design and implement tailored lending programs specific to their needs, so they can serve more patients. For more information, visit us at

About Plan Forward

Plan Forward is a dental membership solution that partners with practices to create, implement, grow, and maintain membership plans. Taking our real-world expertise and crafting it into a turnkey solution that combines a powerful yet easy to understand platform, Plan Forward offers a guided approach with proven results that will positively impact your business. We know that together, we can shape the future of dentistry and improve patient satisfaction at every clinic across America. Visit for more information and Let’s Plan Forward.

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