How does open enrollment effect membership plans?

If you're in business or have insurance you know that November means open enrollment season. Americans get the chance to reevaluate their insurance options and make changes for the next 12 months. This is a great time to share information about your dental membership plan. According to Dental Economics, research shows that doctors are routinely under-reimbursed whiles patients overpay. This is a growing trend in dental practices.

"I have had two families, this week, ask if they should not re-enroll in their traditional dental insurance and instead join our membership plan." Dr. Jason Flannagan shares his first hand experience with many of his patients moving away from insurance to his membership plan.

"They've been paying these premiums that are pretty high and not feeling like they are getting the benefit of what they are paying for. In a membership, you are able to utilize it for your families best treatment option." Flannagan.

For years there has been a growing divide between what dentists are recommending for a treatment plan and what the insurance company is willing to cover. Not only that, many dentists feel that insurance companies get in the way of delivering comprehensive care.

"Private insurance providers almost seem to discourage use of the coverage, especially considering the amount of red tape they throw in the way: high deductibles, preexisting conditions, spend caps, and premiums, just to name a few."

Cue Dental Membership Plans.

Removing the 3rd party decision maker (goodbye insurance companies!), patients and doctors avoid limitations in coverage and overall frustration. It's generally a win-win for both dentists and patients!

"Patients can pay only for the dental treatments they need, while doctors can grow their practices by expanding their fee-for-service patient base and case acceptance. Additionally, dealing in pre-negotiated flat fees means that both sides know the charges up front, making the payment process easier and more streamlined for everyone involved."

Plan Forward offers freedom to dentists. Freedom from insurance companies and freedom to practice dentistry the right way, without limitations. We've helped hundreds of dental practices create, implement and manage a dental membership plan and we can help you too! Let's Plan Forward.

To learn how Plan Forward can help you leverage your patient base, or for more information about Plan Forward, schedule time to speak with our team of dentistry experts. 

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Plan Forward creates and powers your dental membership plan so you can increase treatment acceptance, grow recurring revenue, and build patient loyalty.



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