How In-Office Membership Plans Benefit Your Patients

A trip to the dentist can sometimes make patients a little…anxious—and for more than one reason.

Sometimes the patient is in physical pain.

Sometimes it’s the anticipation of not knowing if additional treatments will be required.

Sometimes it’s the thought of a lidocaine needle.

And sometimes, it’s not knowing what how much they’ll owe at the end of the visit. This is especially true if your patient is uninsured.

What if you could eliminate that anxiety for your uninsured patients?

With an in-office dental membership plan, you can.

In-office dental membership plans are a valuable alternative to traditional dental insurance. They are an affordable solution for uninsured patients to maintain preventative care and accept recommended treatment they really need.

Enrolled in your membership plan, patients will find immediate value:

  • Upfront pricing to anticipate care costs—clear payment options

  • No annual deductible to meet—typically $50 to $150

  • No annual insurance caps—typically $1,000 to $1,500

  • No reimbursement submissions—no denied claims

  • No middleman—payments go directly to the dentist

  • No waiting period to be treated

  • HIPAA-compliant

Plan Forward partners with dentists, group practices, and office managers to create custom in-office membership plans that allow you to run your practice your way.

We help by providing you with an engine to automate billing and patient communication. We provide training for you and your team, and we arm you with education materials so your patients easily understand the membership plan, who it’s for, and how they can benefit.

We’re in the smile business, too. We want to make your job easier.

With Plan Forward, creating and managing your in-office dental membership plan doesn’t have to be a burden on you or your team.

Our proven formula helps you create, implement, and manage your membership plan. Using Plan Forward, our customers have been able to increase treatment acceptance, grow recurring revenue, and build patient loyalty.

Do you need help creating your in-office dental membership plan? Let us help you develop the perfect plan for your patients. Set up a time to speak with us, and let’s Plan Forward!

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Plan Forward creates and powers your dental membership plan so you can increase treatment acceptance, grow recurring revenue, and build patient loyalty.



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