Remove obstacles, focus on care and secure your business.

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Future-proof your practice with reliable cash flow and loyal patients.

Attract new, uninsured patients to your practice with valuable plans perfect for them. Offer an easy option for retirees losing employer-based dental plans or twenty-six year olds aging off their parent’s insurance. For them, it’s a no brainer. Patient retention increases and so does your bottom line.


Give your patients the treatment plan that’s right for them without third party approval. Patients become more loyal to you and your practice, instead of their insurance. The doctor-patient relationship strengthens and improves.

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Office Managers

Have the perfect solution for patients when they’re looking for insurance options. Save time and money with an easy answer. No more recommending plans that aren’t worth the money.

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Group Practices

Offer a turnkey solution that creates recurring revenue for your group. Streamline administrative tasks for managing plans across all locations. As the plans grow, so does your valuation.

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What would passive, reliable, recurring revenue do for your business?


Freedom to Practice.

Find freedom with a dental membership program and practice without insurance companies in the way. Champion your patients health by providing them transparent pricing for the quality care you already give them.


Time savings for your team.

‘Time is money’ is a saying for a reason! Save time by automating things like payments, and renewals, notifications, and reporting. Don’t spend another minute trying to explain benefit plan options to patients who are asking. Provide them a plan with pricing they understand and will easily accept.


Create recurring revenue you can count on.

Increase this revenue stream by providing plans that cover all your patients’ needs. We know each of your practices is unique and requires different considerations when building plans. Membership programs can be customized based on the practice needs and easily scale as your group grows.