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For modern dental practices, membership plans are the way forward — but not just any plan will do. Look ahead with the platform that puts you in control, effortlessly.


Plan Forward Essential.

As practice managers, we knew what really mattered in a membership plan. So, we built the only platform that checked all the boxes.

✓ Total plan control

You know your patients. Offer the plan options and services they need at the price points that work for you. All with your own branding. Have multiple locations? The more, the merrier.

✓ Straightforward billing

Our system handles the automation, but you own the merchant account that processes the membership payments. You get next-day funding with no middle-man.

✓ Powerful simplicity

Create, launch, enroll, manage, and report on all plans and member patients in one place. Detailed member profiles and permissions-based access help your front office do what they do best, securely.

✓ Thoughtful automation

Take reminder notifications off your to-do list. Minimize manual effort and optimize plan revenue and retention rates with automated workflows for payments, renewals, plan changes, and more.

✓ Streamlined enrollment

Members can preregister online and finish the process in the office once plan information is verified. Plus it’s paperless! It doesn’t get much easier and you stay in control.

✓ The accounting we wanted

Reconciling at month-end has never been easier. Our easy-to-read reports, next-day deposits, and merchant statements tell you everything you need to know.

✓ State compliance

We have your back when it comes to state regulations and compliance. We do an annual state-by-state review.

You don’t just need a plan.

You need a partner.

Plan Forward’s practice care helps you hone your patient care.

“Patients walk into our practice without insurance and we talk about membership … Their eyes light up.”

—Ashley Lozada,

John Fornetti Dental Center

“When we go over the membership plan information, we are seeing 60-70% of patients signing up right then.”

—Rebecca Young,

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Kokomo

“I don’t leave any stone unturned; I looked at many vendors. Plan Forward is very attentive to us and we need that to grow membership.”

—Bob Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer, Garden State Smiles

How O2 Smiles quickly scaled to $145,156 ARR 

 with Plan Forward

Retain new patients and improve recare

O2 partnered with Plan Forward to boost retention with their 6 office locations in North Carolina. They were above the industry average for new patients, but these patients never returned for further care. It was a leaking bucket and creating stress for their team to constantly earn new patients.

We helped them keep their new patients and build practice loyalty.

420 new members in one year, >$145,000 in annual recurring revenue!

Want more?

Go Advanced.

Plan Forward Advanced integrates with your PMS and is the perfect choice for taking your membership plans to the next level.

20+ PMS Integrations

Have confidence knowing if you add locations or change PMS systems, we can accommodate it all.

Member Service Tracking

Instantly see which services your members have used on their profile according to their plan year. No more free services given away.

Detailed production reporting and analytics

Track gross production, adjusted production, treatment acceptance, and more, even itemized per patient or per provider.

No manual data entry

Save time and eliminate errors when data is pulled directly from your PMS.

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