Operating and caring for patients is hard work, but your revenue shouldn’t be.

Plan Forward partners with your practice to provide the strategy, tools and software needed to help you grow revenue that is independent of insurance. Stop worrying about reimbursement rates and start creating your own revenue stream that puts you back in control, through a profitable membership plan. We have the experience and make it easy. 

Your patients don’t fit in a box and neither should your membership plan.

For a membership plan to work, three things need to happen:

  1. It has to be profitable for your business and you have to know how to measure profitability

  2. It has to be manageable for the team and valuable for the patient

  3. You have to periodically review the numbers to make sure it is still working for your business.

Leverage our team’s expertise to build a profitable membership plan that benefits both  you and your patients.

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We Do It For You

We create a plan centered around your business with your patients in mind. If your plan doesn’t make you money, then its not doing it’s job.

We Are Your Partner

Your dedicated client success manager is always there to support you. Yep! A real human being you can talk to, supporting you is their entire job.

We Make It Easy

Getting started is a breeze. We train your team and provide all the materials. The software is simple and adding a member takes minutes.

“It’s easy to understand and they know they’re getting a good value.”

Dr. Wolf and his office manager Pamela Hardebeck share their experience and why their patients love the plan.

Offer a better option than insurance.

We wanted a program that would benefit our patients and help us dilute the dominance of dental insurance plans on our business. After the first successful year I can confidently say our plan worked and Plan Forward was instrumental in helping us achieve our objectives.”

Scott Hicks, Business Manager

Key Features

Practice Benefits 

Attract Uninsured Patients 

Grow your own revenue

Retain patients and build loyalty

Increase treatment acceptance

Free marketing materials

Recurring revenue

Revenue Forecasting

Real human support & growth services

Patient Benefits

Save money

Maintain optimal oral health

No long form applications


HIPPA & PCI Compliant


Affordable dental benefit plan

Peace of mind

No suprise bills

Schedule a free 30 min strategy session

Leverage our team’s expertise to build a profitable membership plan that benefits both  you and your patients.

Megan Lohman

Created by people who’ve been in your shoes.

“In 2013 I was a financial coordinator for a dental office. Patients started asking us which insurance plan to buy. We knew the best answer was don’t waste your money. Patients needed a better option, an alternative to traditional insurance. That’s when Plan Forward was born. 

Megan Lohman, Founder & CEO of Plan Forward 

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What is a membership plan versus a discount plan?

A discount plan is where a patient pays an enrollment fee to access discounts. Patients pay a la carte at the time of service. However, with a membership plan, services are bundled and included for a set monthly/annual fee. Use it or lose it. We actuall wrote an in depth description you can read here.

Do I really need one more software?

Hey if you really prefer the calculator & ruler method and want to add another stack of paper to your desk, far be it from us to judge. Our product software is designed so you can take a once-manual process that requires a person to manage it and turns it into a stand-alone program that runs itself. Staff turnover, vacations, patients’ needs changing all add complexity once the enrollment grows. This is all very simple with our software.

What kind of support do I get?

We’re glad you asked, because this is where we shine!  We partner with you to build a custom plan that fits your needs and aligns with your strategic goals. Our team is what sets us apart, truly. The quality and service is unmatched.  Supported by someone who is in your shoes and built a membership plan for their practice. Don’t believe us? Dr. Julovich will tell you here. 

How long will it take before I can enroll patients?

We move fast! As soon as you schedule your strategy session with our onboarding team, the faster we can create your plan and marketing materials. The typical start to finish process takes approximately two weeks, but it takes only a few hours of your time.

Get Access Now!

We’ve created an e-book and a worksheet to help you calculate the magic numbers to drop your poor-performing PPOs.

With our worksheet tool and the e-book, it's much easier to evaluate than you expect!

Plus, we invite you to join us and leading dental trainer, Laura Nelson from Front Office Rocks for a FREE 1-hour training on February 18th at 1pm EST. We’re covering how to get out of network and offer your patients more choices to accept the care they need.

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