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Future-proof your practice with reliable cash flow and loyal patients.

Attract and retain new patients while growing your revenue.


Give your patients the care that’s right for them. Gain loyal patients who visit regularly and accept more treatment.

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Your patients need an easy-to-understand alternative to insurance and you need a simple answer.

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Our turnkey solution is customizable, creates recurring revenue and streamlines administrative tasks.

What would more cash flow do for your business?

Focus on your patient’s care.

Don’t allow PPO limitations to dictate treatment.

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Improve efficiency and
de-stress your team.

Automate payments, renewals and notifications to save time and money.

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Grow each practice in your group.

Membership plans easily scale as your group grows.

🎉 Discover the value of membership patients.

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We’ve created an e-book and a worksheet to help you calculate the magic numbers to drop your poor-performing PPOs.

With our worksheet tool and the e-book, it's much easier to evaluate than you expect!

Plus, we invite you to join us and leading dental trainer, Laura Nelson from Front Office Rocks for a FREE 1-hour training on February 18th at 1pm EST. We’re covering how to get out of network and offer your patients more choices to accept the care they need.

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