Why Would an Insured Patient Choose a Dental Membership Plan?

By Michelle Maddox October 29, 2020 2 min read

Now, you might be thinking… no way that will ever happen. These people are crazy. And you might be right. We might be crazy. Crazy about good, strong membership programs that are profitable and provide millions of Americans the dental care they need!!

And yeah, we are crazy about moving people from their dental insurance to a membership plan. Simply because we KNOW its better for them in the long run.

And patients are starting to see the light, what could be.

Dr. Jason Flannagan DDS told us about recent experiences in his practice with insured patients. “During the re-enrollment period, I’ve had two families ask me if they should drop their traditional insurance coverage and join my in-office membership plan. They’ve been paying these premiums that are pretty high and not feeling like they are getting the benefit of what they are paying for. In a membership program the fees are obvious and transparent. So they are able to use their membership plans to their family’s best ability.”

But is this forward thinking a trend across the United States or a one off for this doctor? The American Dental Association and several dental publications say that membership plans are the future.

“As hygienists, we are prevention oriented and often are not involved in the financial discussions with the patient. Our patients look to us to determine the best care but often decline treatment because ‘my insurance doesn’t cover it.’ When a practice offers an in-house membership program, the stigma of insurance not covering is reduced. The patient can afford the care they need. In this way, the patient and the practice can benefit.” RDHmag.com

Dr. Yen has been using a dental membership program in his practice for years.

He spoke to the American Dental Association and has this to say about the future of the relationship between dental practices and insurance companies. “The ever-increasing insurance runaround and insurance policy blockades towards excellent patient care was the impetus for our program. As a second-generation dentist, our family realized that the third-party paying concept — especially with the prominence of the contract-based PPO-type arrangement with its treatment interference and never-increasing fee caps — was unsustainable in the long term for any business.” ,ADA.org

It’s starting to make sense why an insured patient might drop their traditional insurance and move to a dental membership plan, right? In the immortal words of Biggie Smalls, “if you don’t know, now you know…” but what will you do with this information.

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