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Discover the dental membership plan partner that empowers your entire office. Created by a team in your shoes.

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Plan Forward delivers real results.
Optimize your practice production to increase revenue


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Here’s how it works.

With Plan Forward, it’s simple to empower your team and make your great practice even better.

The Plan Forward


Built by experts in dental practice operations, Plan Forward is the pioneering membership plan platform that is obsessed with your success.

Integrations like no other

Only Plan Forward integrates directly with 20+ practice management software environments to maximize your front office efficiency.

Customizable on every level

Get every detail perfect, and tweak pricing, packaging, and plan details anytime you want, for as many locations as you need.

Smart automation, built right in

Never bill, renew, or remind manually — Plan Forward takes care of key member interactions automatically.

DPC-compliant wherever you practice

Adhering to regulatory requirements should never be an afterthought. We make sure you’re always in the clear.

Guidance and insights

Real, human support at every turn and powerful data analytics give you a clear roadmap to making the most of your plan.

You don’t just need a plan.

You need a partner.

Plan Forward’s practice care helps you hone your patient care.

“Patients walk into our practice without insurance and we talk about membership … Their eyes light up.”

—Ashley Lozada

John Fornetti Dental Center

“When we go over the membership plan information, we are seeing 60-70% of patients signing up right then.”

—Rebecca Young,

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Kokomo

“I don’t leave any stone unturned; I looked at many vendors. Plan Forward is very attentive to us and we need that to grow membership.”

—Bob Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer, Garden State Smiles

All the bells and whistles.

None of the nickel-and-diming.

Our inclusive and transparent pricing means that when you sign up, you get the features that matter to you.

White-label marketing support

Automated member handling

White glove customer support

Easy and secure patient enrollment

Here are
some questions

we hear
a lot.

Can’t we administer a membership plan ourselves?

You certainly can. You can also manage your schedule on paper, but do you want to? Membership software simplifies the complexity of multiple plans at different prices by location, with monthly and/or annual billing. Software automates all those pesky tasks – payment processing, patient notifications and plan renewals.  

I have multiple offices. Will Plan Forward be the right choice for me?

Our software is the most sophisticated membership platform on the market, specifically designed to handle multiple regions/groups/locations that allows for different user permissions, plan variations, and plan pricing. We can track production by provider so you can still pay your hygienists commission based on production. And our analytics dashboard with KPIs lets you track plan performance by location or region. Dental is in our DNA. No matter the structure of your group, we partner with you to ensure success.

Do you integrate with my Practice Management System?

There’s a good chance we do! We have integration to over 20 PMS systems including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Ascend, and Denticon

I just have one office. Does a membership plan make sense?

Only you can decide that. Based on our data, membership patients generate 3x the production compared to uninsured patients and are the most compliant, loyal patients you’ll have the opportunity to serve. If uninsured patients are calling to ask which insurance to buy, or to check on the cost of a cleaning, this is a golden opportunity to grow your membership. Our benchmark is 70% of patients offered a plan accept. 

Why would I give my uninsured patients a discount?

If for no other reason, it’s because data shows that when you convert an uninsured patient to a membership patient, they will generate 3x the production. If you’re not all about the money, many people do it as a service to their patients and their community. Membership plans give patients peace of mind that when they come in for a cleaning, they won’t have sticker shock at checkout. (And one other thing, they accept x-rays without hassle because they’re usually included!)

What makes Plan Forward so special?

Dental is in our DNA. We’re all dental people. The entire fabric of our company has been woven together from decades of experience working in dental practices helping patients get the care they need. We understand your complex workflows and fragmented solutions. We’ve been there. But most importantly because we care about your success and your experience working with us.

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