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You face new challenges every day, we give you the platform and the support to overcome them with member management, automated payments & renewals, and robust reporting.

Your patients deserve a simple and affordable option for dental care.
You deserve loyal patients and financial security.

How does Plan Forward get you there?

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We Do It For You

We create a plan centered around your business with your patients in mind. If your plan doesn’t make you money, then it’s not doing it’s job.

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We Are Your Partner

Your dedicated client success manager is always there to support you. Yep! A real human being you can talk to, helping you is their entire job.

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We Make It Easy

Getting started is a breeze. We train your team and provide marketing materials. The software is simple and adding a member takes minutes.

“It’s easy to understand and they know they’re getting a good value.”

Dr. Wolf and his office manager Pamela Hardebeck share their experience and why their patients love the plan.

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3x more revenue

Uninsured patients spent $172 per year, membership patients spent over $500.

📺 WATCH: Dr. Flannagan improves treatment acceptance

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See your patients more

The #1 reason patients don’t see a dentist is uncertainty on the cost of dental services. Make the pricing simple, get them in the chair and keep them coming back.

📚 READ: After years of hesitation, they’re achieving ideal care

Let’s Talk Numbers

Discover your revenue potential.

Estimate numbers from uninsured patients over 24 months:
1. Number of patients
2. Average cost of cleaning
3. Number of completed cleanings
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Offer a better option than insurance.

We wanted a program that would benefit our patients and help us dilute the dominance of dental insurance plans on our business. After the first successful year I can confidently say our plan worked and Plan Forward was instrumental in helping us achieve our objectives.”

Scott Hicks, Business Manager

🥂 Offer your patients a win-win.

Software that makes your job easier.

We chose Plan Forward because it was a simple program for not only us, but for our patients as well. The dashboard is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate quickly, which being an admin is a HUGE plus!”

Allison D. Tindell, Office Administrator

💡 3 Reasons to get started.

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Increase treatment acceptance.

Besides the steady income generated, we noticed an uptick of treatment acceptance by patients who want to get the most “value” from their membership. If you are on the fence – DO IT. And if you need a great way to administer it with no hassle and easy setup: choose Plan Forward.”

Kristen Donohue, DDS

💰 What’s your potential?

Megan Lohman Plan Forward dental membership plan software

Created by people who’ve been in your shoes.

In 2013 I was a financial coordinator for a dental office. Patients started asking us which insurance plan to buy. We knew the best answer was don’t waste your money. Patients needed a better option, an alternative to traditional insurance. That’s when Plan Forward was born.”

Megan Lohman, Founder & CEO of Plan Forward

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Love for Plan Forward

Our patients love that we are able to offer a monthly and yearly membership option! Plan Forward is easy to use. If I have a question, they are great about making sure I have an answer that day. Plan Forward provides all marketing materials and works with you to customize it.

Melissa Jarrell, D.D.S.

If you’re thinking about implementing an in house plan you cannot go wrong with Plan Forward. From start to finish they were there every step. Helping select what to offer, how offer it, and the cost. I cannot say enough great things about Plan Forward.

Pamela Hardebeck, Administrator

The platform makes it easy for our office to manage memberships, including monthly billing options. In an effort to become a more membership-based office, Plan Forward allows us to better market to employers. It is an extremely valuable tool for our practice!

Shari Blair, Financial Coordinator

I searched for a long time to find the right company to help us manage our in-office membership plan. Plan Forward has been great to work with every step of the way! I highly recommend them if you’re looking to create a membership plan at your practice.

Steve Cook, D.D.S.

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