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We value the need for routine, consistent, quality preventive care that is typically out of reach for patients who do not have traditional insurance.  Employer based plans are becoming more and more restrictive and patients are then at the mercy of these plans.  Giving patients a membership option allows them to manage their healthcare in a proactive manner to improve health outcomes, decrease the need for emergency visits, and reduce overall healthcare costs. ​





Proven model and even better results.


Plan Forward's simple interface allows clinicians and admin with any technical skill level to manage a lucrative membership plan.

Built By Experts

We personally saw all the amazing benefits and management issues of a successful membership plan.  So, we created Plan Forward to help you do it better.

Top Security

Your data is safe with us.

We make sure to store our patient records as well as payment information in a HIPAA and PCI compliant environment.


An intuitive platform designed for YOU.

Our Goal

When we partner with a practice, we listen to your needs and apply our knowledge and experience to craft and launch a successful membership plan.  We set goals and a timeline for the growth of your plan and support you with tools and training to help you reach those goals. 


For the management of your plan, we built a system that is easy to use and provides all the functions you will need to easily grow and manage a successful membership plan.  Your plan will be tailor made specifically for the needs of your practice.  No checking boxes or choosing templates.

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Our Founders

Built by us for people like us.

Jason Flannagan, DDS

Megan Lohman


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Our mission is to help health care providers more easily offer in-house membership plans to patients that do not have traditional insurance which ultimately gives more patients access to quality care and loyalty to quality providers. 



Indianapolis, Indiana

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