Dental membership software — experience you can trust.

Plan Forward partners with your practice to create, implement — and most importantly — manage your in-office dental membership plans.

What can a membership plan do for you?

  • create recurring revenue

  • increase treatment acceptance

  • build patient loyalty

Already have a plan? High-fives all around! You’re a step ahead — now we can help you automate it.

Preferred Vendor of the Indiana Dental Association.

Kristen Donohue

"Plan Forward was highly recommended to me. Plan Forward makes setting up a dental membership plan so darn easy. Our plan was custom tailored to the fees that we charge and for the patients we are trying to target, specifically new retirees that need a reason to stay with our practice once they lose their dental benefits. Besides the steady income generated each month, we noticed an uptick of treatment acceptance by those patients who want to get the most "value" from their membership.

Why do dentists prefer Plan Forward?

Because we've been there! Our software was developed by a dentist, their front office staff and financing team.

We have a deep understanding of your practice and patients. This knowledge, paired with our client success experience, offers you a solution unlike any other.

Wolf Family Dentistry details how they were able to build recurring revenue and increase treatment using the Plan Forward membership software.
Watch and learn why Wolf Family Dentistry chose Plan Forward for their membership plan partner. 

Find freedom with Plan Forward.

Freedom from insurance companies and treatment limitations.

Freedom to practice the way you want.


Freedom to practice how you see fit.

  • Create a new in-office membership plan or manage your existing one

  • Customized for your practice with your own branding, logos, prices, and terms

  • Plan payments go directly to you

  • Offer eligibility on your terms

  • Your plan, your way


Proven success in practices nationwide.

  • Created for dentists, by dentists

  • Unbeatable customer service—you’ll never be alone to figure it out

  • Specialized onboarding so your team is empowered

  • HIPAA and PCI Compliant

  • Highest security standards to protect your data

We're honored to be 

Preferred Vendor of the Indiana Dental Association.


The engine propelling you forward.

  • Increase treatment acceptance, grow revenue, and build patient loyalty

  • Highest-quality user experience

  • Manages every aspect of the plan so you don’t have to

  • Easily make changes and communicate with responsible parties

Like you, we're in the smile business.

We love being the engine that makes great practices even better.

Plan Forward’s membership plan solution is flexible, trusted, and powerful:

Ready to get started?

The average revenue from a single membership patient covers the cost of Plan Forward for an entire year.


Let us help you develop the perfect plan for your patients or manage your existing membership plan.

Let's Plan Forward.

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Plan Forward creates and powers your dental membership plan so you can increase treatment acceptance, grow recurring revenue, and build patient loyalty.



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