For dental practices to thrive, we knew they’d need to do something drastic.

So we came up
with a plan.

Plan Forward.

We created a dental membership platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility to run your practice how you see fit and focus on what you do best.
Megan Lohman with FIFDC team

It all started

In a Dentist’s Office

Over years operating an Indianapolis dental practice, we saw that the traditional insurance model was falling short for the business and its patients.
We created a dental membership plan that was clear and comprehensive. Uninsured and insured patients alike were eager to have clarity in their cost and coverage – and from a business perspective, the plan surpassed all expectations.
Over time, the humble Excel spreadsheet grew, evolved, and took on a life of its own – venturing far beyond Indianapolis as the turnkey tech solution that became as Plan Forward. While our tech has come a long way, our story will always be one of a practice that decided to do better and be better. Now, it’s your turn.

Our guiding



Trust is everything to us. We act and speak with integrity and transparency.


We are always improving and striving to be the best version of ourselves. We have a “work hard, play hard” mindset.


Sharing our resources and knowledge doesn’t stop in the dental office. We exist to help and give back to those in need.

Our Team

Megan Lohman

Megan Lohman

Founder & Co-CEO

Former Practice Financial Coordinator
Jane Levy

Jane Levy

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Former Chief Growth Officer, Jarvis Analytics
Advisor, Henry Scheiin Global Innovation Center

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