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What is a Dental Membership Plan?

A dental membership plan gives patients an affordable option to maintain preventive care and allows providers to increase treatment acceptance, grow recurring revenue, and build patient loyalty. A typical membership plan includes all preventive care, and the member receives discounts on additional treatment.

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Why Plan Forward?

Plan Forward was created for dentists by dentists. We’ve been there. We know this space…. We know your patients want to buy what you’re selling, not what we’re selling. We help you customize a plan that is completely yours and 100% unique to your practice. Our customer service is unmatched, and our three-step process is a breeze. We are with you all the way! Our simple, modern software is easy to navigate so your team can confidently grow your plan.

How is Plan Forward different?

Plan Forward walks you through the creation of your in-house dental membership plan step-by-step and ensures you have a solid foundation to build upon. Your plan is white labeled with your own branding, pricing, and terms, and we ship you what you need from the start to be successful. Our customer success team is readily available for any assistance or questions. No matter the size of your practice, our pricing structure allows you to make an ROI after signing up just one member.

What is my commitment?

We know there are many reasons these plans grow at different rates, and the best plans are given the best chance. Because of this, we ask for a one-year commitment for the first year. After that, it is month-to-month. Already have a plan with more than 50 members? We waive the one-year commitment.

We could do this on our own, right?

You certainly could, but as it grows you will be missing out on all the amazing benefits that come with having a platform to manage it. Just hit the easy button and automate it! These are must-haves with a well-run, easy to implement membership plan:

1. Auto-renewals with renewal reminders
2. Monthly and yearly payment options for patients
3. Automatic payment processing and notifications
4. Simple management for declined payments
5. Marketing materials with your plan details, pricing, and services.
6. Reporting capabilities, specifically for transaction history and enrollment data
7. HIPAA and PCI compliance

We are a fee-for-service practice and our uninsured patients are paying our full fees, so what’s the point?

Based on case studies, we know that uninsured patients do not come in regularly to maintain preventive care or accept recommended treatment at a high rate. With a membership plan, you will turn those uninsured patients into recall patients and collect 100% of the revenue for their preventive care. Our study showed that it took 25 fewer membership patients to create the same amount of revenue from preventive care over a 24-month period as uninsured patients. Long story short, yes uninsured patients pay full fees, but they simply do not come in as often.

How does the software collect payment?

You will have your own merchant account that is integrated with Plan Forward, so the payments go directly to you and your patients see your practice name on their credit card statement.

Does Plan Forward provide training?

Yes, absolutely. Training your team and getting everyone on the same page makes the biggest difference in how successful your plan can be.  Your Client Success Manager will meet with your team to before you launch so everyone has an opportunity to get their questions answered.

When should I Plan Forward?

Now! What are you waiting for? You already have existing uninsured patients in your practice that are waiting for your membership plan. Give them a simple plan that they can understand and earn their loyalty for life.  The average revenue from a single membership patient covers the cost of an annual subscription to Plan Forward.

Find freedom with a profitable plan.