AADOM Featured Company: Plan Forward March 2023

By Megan Lohman September 27, 2023 < 1 min read

Join AADOM and Plan Forward on March 16th at 3:30 ET for a broadcast on starting and managing an in-house membership plan. An AADOM Featured Company Spotlight is a 30-minute live, interview-style presentation sharing the company’s mission, product/service and best practices for office managers.

We are excited to be showcased in an AADOM’s Featured Company Spotlight to share what we know about dealing with membership plans.

This session is being simulcast on the AADOM Facebook Page, the AADOM LinkedIn Page, and the AADOM YouTube Channel to view on 3/16/23 at 3:30pm eastern

Plan Forward helps practices increase revenue through membership plans that offer shared savings with patients and enable predictable cash flow with stable payments.

We offer Plan Forward Essential, to create & manage your plans, and automate the payment processing, notifications, and renewals. We take on all the heavy lifting of offering membership plans including providing you with marketing materials, savings sheets, and scripts to grow your members. And now we’ve launched our new platform:

Plan Forward Advanced, with integration to 20+ PMSs to provide 360° visibility into the value of your membership patients. Now you can make informed decisions on how to grow your practice’s revenue based on world class analytics. Track member usage of your plans, and vital KPIs like treatment acceptance and show rate. Members are loyal, relationship patients, but don’t take our word for it. With Plan Forward Advanced, you can track production & collections before and after membership plans.

How are you managing your membership plan?

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