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If your plan isn’t living up to expectations, don’t give up yet. Take our free membership assessment to see where you’re falling short — and where we can help.

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Plan Forward has more flexibility, more support, and more features for practices that want more out of their membership plans.
Automated Workflows
Fully Customizable Plans by Location
State-Specific Compliance
Intuitive, Compliant SaaS Software Platform
PMS Integrations
Member Service Tracking
Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Created By
Plan Forward
Automatically track service usage, automate price adjustments, renewals and patient notifications
100% flexibility — each location chooses their own plans and pricing
State-by-state compliance doesn't get any better — our legal team reviews the regs regularly
Easy to use and assign permissions to each user
Included — they’re your customers, not ours!
You bet — view patient eligibility and utilization of included services, and track usage of out-of-plan services to see patient loyalty at work*
Yes, track production per provider, member show rate, treatment acceptance and other metrics*
An experienced dental management team
Cannot track service usage — how will you know whether your patient is eligible for plan services?
Bring out the cookie cutter
If you pay up
Check member service eligibility in the PMS
A tech entrepreneur
Sure....if you want to check your PMS
Hard to manage
What compliance?
That sounds complicated
Check member service eligibility in the PMS
Usually no
A dentist, in-between appointments

*included with Plan Forward Advanced

If you’re thinking about switching,

you might be wondering…

How does Plan Forward charge?

We offer two versions of our software: Essential (unintegrated) and Advanced (with PMS integration). We typically charge per member per month. We offer custom enterprise pricing and alternative options for practices with existing membership plans.

How will Plan Forward determine my plan pricing?

We start you off on the right foot by doing a thorough pricing analysis where, based on your standard fees and practice growth goals, we will recommend a set of plans, bundled services, and pricing. These are your plans, and you get the final decision, but we’ll bring our experience and know-how to set you up for success.

Are your plans flexible to adjust to my patients’ needs?

Yes! That’s the whole idea: create plans with services and pricing that will appeal to your different patient groups. Child plans with fluoride, adult plans with whitening, senior plans with denture cleaning – the customization is completely up to you.

How is Plan Forward invested in my success?

We are always aligned. We grow when you grow. Our customer success team is top-notch, and typically responds within 1-2 hours. We check in regularly and proactively look for opportunities to support you, like training new team members.

Does Plan Forward play nice with my other tools and software?

Absolutely. We integrate to 20+ PMS systems, and we love to collaborate with your other vendors like patient financing, patient engagement, and your webmaster. We are on a mission to help you maximize all of your tools.

How does Plan Forward make it easy to switch platforms?

We’ve built a step-by-step process to streamline the transition from an in-house plan or from another software vendor. We have a lot of experience and it’s not as disruptive as you might expect.

Need another answer?

“After two years with one of Plan Forward’s top competitors, I was done with the runaround. From the first meeting it was a completely different experience. It was very apparent they knew exactly what they were talking about. The transition to Plan Forward was pretty smooth and I’ve been very happy ever since.”

—Dr. Angelo Julovich

Trinity Dental

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