Our Story

We started in a dental office in Indianapolis. Megan Lohman (then office manager, now PF CEO) and Dr. Jason Flannagan wanted to provide uninsured patients an affordable option for dental care. They created a dental membership plan for both hygiene and perio patients that was easy to understand and enabled them to continue receiving top quality care.

The results were unlike anything they could have imagined. The uninsured patients were grateful for a simple and convenient option—they joined without hesitation. Even some insured patients opted out of their confusing traditional insurance plans. In addition, membership patients began accepting recommended treatment at a much higher rate and the monthly revenue was increasing.

After running their plan manually for years, Megan and Dr. Flannagan knew there was a better way. They also knew other dentists could benefit from a similar solution. The strategy was simple: first, create an easy to use platform to manage the plan, then introduce the idea to other dentists in the area and finally, help more patients receive the care they need.

And just like that…Plan Forward was born.

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We believe the only way to do business is with openness and full transparency. We do what we say and say what we mean, trust is high on our list of values. And we believe there is only one option; to be honest under any circumstance.


We strive to be the best version of ourselves – for our families, customers, company, community and industry. We know the value of hard work and take the motto, “work hard, play hard” to heart.


As a company and individually we support giving back through volunteer hours and sharing our talents with those in need. We got into this business to help people, that doesn’t stop in the dental office.

We make independence possible.

We believe that dentists know best. And running an office should be easier that it is. That’s why we’re partnering with dentists and your teams to create dental membership software that frees you to practice the way you want.

From billing to insurance to patient retention, there’s enough standing in your way, so we work harder so you can work smarter, enhancing your way rather than imposing ours.

Like you, we’re in the smile business. We love being the engine that makes great practices even better. Together we can shape the future of dentistry and improve patient satisfaction at every clinic across America. Let’s Plan Forward.