Common Questions (and Easy Answers) Your Patients Have About Dental Membership Plans

By Megan Lohman September 29, 2023 3 min read

We get it. Day in and day out you are bombarded with insurance and membership questions from your patients. You’re expected to have an easy answer right on the tip of your tongue at all times. And sometimes you just can’t come up with the right answer, right away. No problem. We’ve pulled together some of the most common questions about insurance and membership plans – and we answered them. So whether you use them word for word, or put your own spin on them, you’ll be ready!

I don’t have insurance, what do you recommend?

“Have you heard about our membership plan? It covers all your preventative care, like cleanings, exams, x-rays and fluoride, for an affordable and easy-to-understand price. You also get a discount on any restorative care you might need. We try to keep it really simple and accessible for all so we offer both annual and monthly payment options. Think of it like Amazon Prime for your teeth; you pay one fee and you have access to all the member perks. Simple right!?”

Why doesn’t my insurance cover all the costs of my dental treatment?

“Well unfortunately dental insurance in general just isn’t that good anymore. We’ve really seen a shift in what is covered over the last several year and patient reimbursement is getting worse and worse. That’s why we offer a membership plan, let me tell you about it.”

Why did my insurance company suggest a different treatment than the doctor?

“Unfortunately, insurance companies do not know you and your health. They don’t make decisions based on your best interest. They base their decisions on metrics and numbers only. Let me see what I can do, but moving forward let’s compare how much you’re paying for that insurance to our membership plan. Our plan may actually save you money!”

Can I use my insurance AND be on your membership plan?

“Unfortunately no, it’s either one or the other. BUT there’s no reason you can’t drop your insurance and join the membership plan, let me tell you why our membership plan is better than insurance.”

NOTE: Yes, Patients Really Will Abandon Insurance for a Valuable Membership Plan. Dr. Flannagan’s share his success about moving patients from their traditional insurance plans to his membership plan.

Why is your membership plan better than insurance? Why should I sign up?

“It’s the most complete plan for your health. We’ve included everything the doctor recommends for optimal health for one affordable, transparent price. Many times, you’ll end up saving money on additional things like emergency exams or treatment because you don’t have deductibles or maximums to worry about. AND membership plans don’t change like networks often do. You don’t have to worry about asking the insurance company for ‘permission’ to use your membership plan either and there is no one but you and the doctor making decisions about your care.”

What’s the difference between traditional insurance and your membership plan?

“The biggest difference between insurance and a membership plan is the middleman. Insurance companies influence treatment by creating limitations in coverage, requiring prior authorizations, and denying or suggesting different treatment options. Membership plans are an agreement between you and the doctor. You get the care you need at a price that is easy to understand and almost always more affordable than insurance. You know you can walk in here and not have any surprise charges which means you’re more likely to keep your appointments. And of course you already know that by taking better care of your oral health, you’re improving your overall health.”

Do membership plans have deductibles?

“Nope! Just a one-time fee that can be paid annually or broken up into monthly payments, whichever is more convenient for you.”

Does a membership plan have a waiting period before I can use the included services?

“Nope! You can start using them today.”

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