Every Great Story Has a Beginning. Here’s Ours.

By Megan Lohman October 3, 2023 2 min read

Like a lot of software companies, Plan Forward comes from humble beginnings. Ours happens to be a dental practice in Indiana.

​It was 2014, and healthcare had changed drastically. Many patients did not have dental benefits provided through an employer. Retired patients were frustrated by their options and the lack of benefits. Both groups were confused by the options available to them.

​Then our patients started looking to us—the provider—for guidance on which dental plan to purchase. We knew something had to change. Our uninsured patients needed an alternative to traditional dental insurance.

​We created an in-office membership plan. The plan included all preventative care for a very transparent and affordable monthly payment. The patient also received discounts on any other treatments.

​The plan was even more successful than we anticipated. Our uninsured patients were grateful, we had an easy-to-understand option available to them. They began joining without hesitation. In addition, membership patients began accepting treatments at a much higher rate than before. And our monthly revenue was increasing.

Fast forward to 2017, we now had more than 100 patients enrolled in our plan. It was quickly becoming an administrative headache. We successfully figured out how to automate payments. But the reporting, member status, and communication process were becoming too much for our Excel spreadsheet. 

We needed a membership management and automation tool.

We evaluated existing solutions, including some platforms not specifically built for the dental industry. Our options included:

  • a consulting service to build a membership plan—which we already had—with no management tool,
  • a platform with old, clunky technology, or
  • a solution with administrative fees as high as 25% of our membership revenue.

None of them were a good fit.

There was increasing patient demand and a growing desire from dentists to create more independence. We knew we could do better.

​The answer was simple. Our solution would be built for dentists, by dentists.

In April 2018, we began partnering with dental practices and office managers to build the software. One that met all the needs of those using the software day in, day out.

We developed a membership management and automation software. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to run your practice how you see fit. You can create a new membership plan or manage an existing one. Customize your own practice branding, logos, prices, and terms, and offer eligibility on your terms—not ours.

We created a HIPAA- and PCI-compliant platform with banking-level security and password regulations. You can trust your practice data is safe. With specialized onboarding, your entire team benefits from our experience. We empower you to manage and advocate for your membership plan.

We assembled a powerful engine to propel your membership plan forward. Now you and your team can focus on growing your plan and providing the best patient care possible. When you’re free to do what you do best, patient loyalty and increased monthly revenue will follow.

We built Plan Forward.

​We love being the engine that makes great practices even better.

​We care about being your membership partner. We want to share our industry experience and knowledge with you. Together, Let’s Plan Forward!

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