Is the Patient Loyal to You or Insurance?

By Megan Lohman October 10, 2023 2 min read

In a perfect world, the dentist would have exclusive ownership over their patient’s loyalty. After all, they are the trained expert and took a vow to help people. Who else would the patient be loyal to? And if you asked your patient, they would say you of course! And they would mean it. But when life events change their world, patient loyalty gets tested.

The times, they are a changin’ – great song right? When Bob Dylan wrote it in the 60s the times were changing, and quickly. Lately there certainly has been a similar feel in the air. The pandemic has shed a light on the healthcare industry in this country. Many people are losing their jobs which provide their insurance. Or they didn’t have it to begin with. Both group’s health is at risk now more than ever.

So how do we flip the switch? How do we position dentists to OWN their patient’s loyalty and retain them for life? What does the insurance company offer that you don’t? Easy to understand pricing with optimal standard of care? Ha Ha! Just kidding, insurance companies don’t offer that, but you could…..

Imagine presenting your patient with a treatment plan and the TWO of you discussing it without interference. No prior authorizations, limitations, or caps. Just quality oral care that truly helps them. Now imagine them paying you for that care directly. No co-pays, write offs or reimbursements. Just a simple, straight forward exchange of money for services rendered. Clearly defined and mutually beneficial. No it is not a fairy tale. It is a dental membership program.

Dental Membership Programs:

1. Give you control and independence allowing you to treat your patients without interference. Eliminate insurance and make your professional opinion heard again.

2. Grow life-long patient relationships beyond life events. Give them what they need: treatment based on their health with straight-forward pricing.

3. Security for your future. Build a recurring revenue stream that is exclusive to your practice not dependent on someone else.

Makes sense and sounds good right? Now you are asking yourself, ‘ok but why you guys and not the other ones?’ Service and experience. We have first hand, real dental office experience and understand how a practice operates. Our membership plans were perfected IN a dental office with real patients. The platform was tested IN an office with a real dental staff, we put that thing through it’s paces!

Our approach is to take what’s working for you and improve upon it. Your standard of care and your charges and we craft a membership program around you and plans that work for your patients. We listen and guide you to a profitable solution that works for you, your staff and your patients.

Remember, the times may be changing but you can too! Reclaim your patients from insurance companies and own their loyalty all while strengthening your practice.

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