Lynnwood Dental Increases Treatment Acceptance with a Dental Membership Plan

By Megan Lohman October 10, 2023 2 min read

Dr. Sara Boren at Lynnwood Dental in Knoxville, TN reached out to us in March 2020. She was very interested in adding a membership program to her practice because she knew the benefits that it would bring to her patients and to her business.

Dr. Boren’s staff was very new to the idea of a membership plan and a bit apprehensive on how and where to begin. However with guidance, training and our first-hand experience, they instantly saw results. Within the first two weeks they had 8 members sign up, a value (potential collection) of $3,888.

By their 4th month, they enrolled 52 patients and collected over $10,467.19 in additional treatment.

“We make it a point to discuss in our morning meeting who on the schedule is self-pay and would benefit from our membership plans. Our clinical team plants the “seed” while they have them in the back and then myself and team member, Amber, have the numbers ready for them when they come up.”

“Honestly I believe this is what really “sells” them on signing up. If we have the amount they would spend today on the enrollment fee + prorated amount for the month vs what they would be paying out of pocket, it’s a no brainer! We do have the most people sign up out of hygiene. Reason being is most hygiene visits for self-pay are $300+ and to sign up you are looking at $99 for the enrollment fee. Currently we are running an enrollment special; the fee and the prorated amount which normally is around $120. This in return motivates the patient to schedule any treatment, now that they are benefiting from the membership.”

Lynnwood Dental

“Patients are grateful to see a price comparison as well. I make it a point to write down column A, what it would be without a membership and column B, what it would be with a membership. The best advice I could give is be transparent on what they are saving vs spending. Have the numbers ready for the patient, and ensure them it’s benefiting them in the long run. We don’t want them to think they are just another way to make money. We have had such success because the patient likes not only knowing the benefits but also that they are no longer the “middle man” when it comes to insurance companies. In the end, BENEFITS BENEFITS BENEFITS is what the patient wants to know about.”

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