Patient acquisition
made easy.

Really easy.

Plan Forward has teamed up with to help patients who need treatment and are already shopping for a dental plan, find your practice and get enrolled.

Tackle an ongoing challenge,

for good.

Ask 10 practices for their biggest headache and 9 of them will say “patient acquisition.” The current solutions cost a lot but don’t deliver much.
  1. Direct mail goes straight to the trash
  2. Promotions are pricey
  3. Mailing lists are overused
Our partnership with allows you to attract patients at the perfect time when they are already seeking care. They find your plan and enroll before they ever reach your practice. See the difference?

Our Partnership with

Create an in-house membership plan with Plan Forward — customized for your practice.
We list and promote your plan on and through their call center — no extra admin for you.
Newly enrolled patients show up directly on your Plan Forward dashboard — ready to accept treatment.
More than 1 million patients per year search for plans on

Plan Forward is your exclusive partner to get in front of them.