Profit First (2 Parts)

By Megan Lohman October 17, 2023 < 1 min read

Part 1

Did you miss Plan Forward Co-CEO, Megan Loman and author Barb Stackhouse RDH, M.Ed as she shares the 4 Proven Core Principles to implement in your dental practice business for improved profits. Learn how to grow your practice with true profitability where you enjoy the reward for your risk as a business owner. 

Part 2

Join Plan Forward Co-CEO, Megan Loman and Barb Stackhouse as she joins us again to teach the 2nd Webinar in our Profit First series. If you are curious about reducing your debt and expanding your profit at the same time, join us for this webinar. Barb will share with us how to build up those reserves, establish profit every month, and begin to pay down debt faster. Invite your dental colleagues to join in as well.

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