The John Fornetti Dental Center is growing its practice with membership software

By Megan Lohman October 17, 2023 2 min read

“Patients walk into our practice without insurance and we talk about membership and how, for a set fee, they can get all their dental preventive care. Their eyes light up. Plan Forward’s software helps us price our plans for the different patients we’re targeting. We bundle services that are important for their oral care. And so these plans are very appealing for our patients. The team at Plan Forward made it easy to find the right plans and price them appropriately.” 

Ashley Lozada, Registered Dental Hygienist, John Fornetti Dental Center

See how they started with Plan Forward in 2020 and quickly converted 137 members.

Membership plans are a great way for employers to offer dental benefits to their employees. Membership plans cover services that will actually be used and are affordable for everyone involved, unlike many traditional insurance plans.


The John Fornetti Dental Center, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is known for its care, patient attention, top-notch customer service – and Apple Muffins, or as they call them, “dental muffins.” Each morning the Fornetti staff bakes fresh, all-natural muffins, giving each patient one as they leave. It’s just one of the ways they make their patients feel well-taken care of and part of the family.

When they looked for a membership plan to offer their uninsured patients, they turned to Plan Forward to help them determine the right plans and pricing and then automate enrolling and renewing their patients. Taking the administrative burden off the front desk is just one of the ways that Plan Forward positions the practice to focus on patient care.  

Challenge: Manually managing members, payments, and benefits was not feasible.

Dr. John, Dr. Dan, and Dr. Nicole wanted to find a way to grow their membership patients, but an in-house plan was not cutting it. Every month, the front desk had to call patients to renew their membership, and sometimes patients with expired plans were coming in for services and were not being charged.

Results: Saved 5 hours per week and increased recurring revenue

  • Saved 5 hours each week not having to renew patients by phone
  • Increased hygiene reappointment amongst membership patients 
  • Generating over  $20k in highly profitable recurring revenue

“One of our main goals was to get our uninsured patients onto the membership plan. We knew if we could provide them with an affordable solution, they would become loyal patients, growing our revenue and business. Our team discusses the membership plan with patients who mention upcoming life events, like young people leaving their parents’ insurance plans or our soon-to-be-retired patients, or who don’t have insurance benefits listed on their chart. By outlining the services and offering a monthly payment option, most patients sign up immediately because it’s obvious to them that it’s in their best interest.”

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